We are working on a scalable
system of reusable packaging.

In case you didn‘t know:

Public Pressure increases

94% say that the protection of
the environment is important to them personally.

85% of all consumers are emphasizing sustainable packaging solutions. (2)

91% of all customers are ready to utilize reusable packaging. (2)

We think big!

Our Approach

We are building a collaboration ecosystem to involve and enable industry partners to jointly create a new reuse system for food packaging in Germany - open for all food categories,
retail channels and regions.

We aim to design the future system

of reusable packaging so that it:

produces less CO2
per life cycle


uses less energy, water and natural resources

Designing out waste & pollution and keeping materials and products in circulation ...

... in comparison to single-use packaging.

The reusable system is:

  • Suitable for all food segments available in supermarkets (expect for drinks)

  • Open for all food manufacturers and retailers, irrespective of their size

  • Scalable beyond German borders into other countries

We are focused to harmonize sustainability and scalability for maximized impact!

Our foundations
for systemic change



Leveraging collective intelligence to implement a system which is including environmental requirements while being accessible for all consumers.



The system is emerging through corporate efforts.



An independent system, co-owned by its participants to ensure low entry thresholds and prevent fragmentation.

Benefits for partners
Commit early in order to



  • Explore new business opportunities while driving sustainable system change

  • Pioneer new technology, products or services for attractive consumer groups

Impact investors and public fundings


  • Invest into growing business of sustainability

  • Explore new business opportunities while driving sustainable system change



  • Pioneer new technology, products or services for a less polluted future

  • Help co-designing the future reuse system and have your requirements considered.

A system like this can only be set up together!

Join the circle!

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